• Cash Management

    SAP Cash Management is the only compatible cash management product to be used. The classic Cash and Liquidity Management (Cash Management and Liquidity Planner) is not officially available in SAP S/4HANA. An SAP Business Suite customer using classic Cash and Liquidity Management needs to activate the new ... Continue Reading

  • Balance Carryforward (FAGLGVTR)

    Balance Carryforward in SAP S/4HANA generates line items with Document Status “C “(Balance Carryforward Line Items) in the Universal Journal (ACDOCA) ... Continue Reading

  • SE16H

    As you can guess, SE16H is a new Data Browser for S4HANA Many additional options, such as outer joins are now available   https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/1636416 ... Continue Reading

  • Special-Ledger (FI-SL)

    You should not notice any differences in the Special Ledger module (FI-SL) with S4HANA Note however that “Extension Ledger” can be selected as the Reference Ledger       ... Continue Reading

  • Extension Ledger

    Whenever a few manual adjustments entries are required, this new type of Ledger can be used in order to avoid redondant data storage. Since it works as a “delta” Ledger, it is linked in the customizing to an underlying ledger (main or secondary ledger) which is also called when you run ... Continue Reading

  • New Asset Accounting

    Main improvements:   Real time postings in all valuations (ASKB transaction is now obsolete) Parallel documents for each valuation that post correct values from the beginning (no more┬ádelta areas for parallel valuation) Leading valuation made more flexible (not necessarily linked to the main Ledger) Valuation-specific postings by means ... Continue Reading

  • Distribution of documents via ALE from or to S/4HANA systems

    1. Business Suite -> S/4HANA The IDoc basic type FIDCMT01 is no longer supported. The IDoc basic types FIDCCP01, FIDCCP02, and FAGLDT01 can be used. Caution: the distribution of CO documents via the IDoc basic type CODCMT01 absolutely must be carried out, too. The IDoc ... Continue Reading

  • Posting Documents without Entry View

    In S/4HANA and S/4HANA Finance table ACDOCA contains all relevant fields for document display, therefore BSEG/BSEG_ADD are no longer needed for GL view of document displ   They are still needed for open item management. Several processes not involving open item managed GL accounts – like (ledger-specific) ... Continue Reading