• Cash Management

    SAP Cash Management is the only compatible cash management product to be used. The classic Cash and Liquidity Management (Cash Management and Liquidity Planner) is not officially available in SAP S/4HANA. An SAP Business Suite customer using classic Cash and Liquidity Management needs to activate the new ... Continue Reading

  • Data Structure Changes in Asset Accounting

    Actual items Actual data of ANEK, ANEP, ANEA, ANLP, ANLC is now stored in table ACDOCA. ANEK data is stored in BKPF. Compatibility views FAAV_<TABLENAME> (for example, FAAV_ANEK) are provided in order to reproduce the old structures. Access to old data in tables still possible via the views ... Continue Reading

  • Special-Ledger (FI-SL)

    You should not notice any differences in the Special Ledger module (FI-SL) with S4HANA Note however that “Extension Ledger” can be selected as the Reference Ledger       ... Continue Reading

  • Cost Elements

    Primary and secondary cost elements must now be maintained as type of G/L account via transaction FS00 Balance Sheet Account Nonoperating Expense or Income Primary Costs or Revenue Secondary Cost As a consequence,┬ádefault account assignment within the cost element master is no longer available (OKB9 transaction must be used for that purpose)   On the other hand, ... Continue Reading

  • Extension Ledger

    Whenever a few manual adjustments entries are required, this new type of Ledger can be used in order to avoid redondant data storage. Since it works as a “delta” Ledger, it is linked in the customizing to an underlying ledger (main or secondary ledger) which is also called when you run ... Continue Reading

  • Posting in General Ledger Only

    The following processes creates documents with BSTAT = ‘U’ Intra-Company CO transaction eg. KB11, KB21, CO allocations. Material movements which contains only statistical items with zero value (KSTAT = ‘U’) Foreign Currency Valuations posted with FAGL_FCV or using the FIORI app ‘Post Currency Adjustments GL Allocations ... Continue Reading

  • New Asset Accounting

    Main improvements:   Real time postings in all valuations (ASKB transaction is now obsolete) Parallel documents for each valuation that post correct values from the beginning (no more┬ádelta areas for parallel valuation) Leading valuation made more flexible (not necessarily linked to the main Ledger) Valuation-specific postings by means ... Continue Reading

  • Central Finance

    Customers with heterogeneous system landscapes or even single system landscapes with limitations to adopt innovations quickly (out of maintenance, heavily customized) can take advantage of the Central Finance deployment approach of SAP S/4 HANA that allows companies to replicate (re-post) financial transactions from several source systems into a single instance ... Continue Reading

  • Data Structure Changes in Controlling

    Header Table No change (so far) with table COBK.   Line items Actual line items from table COEP (value type 04) are now stored in the Universal Journal (table ACDOCA) Actual statistical line items from table COEP (value type 11) are now stored in COEP (for compatibility access) and in ACDOCA Value types other than 04 ... Continue Reading

  • Scenarios and Customer Fields Assignment to the Ledgers

    In S/4 HANA all fields from the entry view of a posting are always updated in the universal journal entry for any ledger without any additional configuration   ... Continue Reading